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vorige  volgende

Cantata GWV 1164/12


GWV 1164/12
Mus. ms. (D Ds) 420-30 (link)
online? true
TITLE Unsre Losung Gott mit uns
YEAR 1712
# of mov. 5
movements description 1.aria (S,ob(2),bc) - F - C
2.rec (S,bc)
3.choral (S,ob(2),bc) - d - C
4.rec (S,bc)
5.aria (S,ob(2),bc) - F - C
PARTS S, ob (2), bc
Liturgical occasion (D) 23. Sonntag nach Trinitatis
Liturgical occasion (E) 23th Sunday after Trinity
Church Season Trinitatis
original title Unsre Losung Gott mit uns / Cantata / a / Voce Sola / 2 Hautbois / e / Continuo. / Dn. 23. p. Trin. / 1712.
POET G.C. Lehms
original parts S: 2 - vlc, vlne, bc: 1, 1, 2 - ob 1, 2: 1, 1f.
# of orig. parts 6
Tonality F Dur
vocal parts S
BRASS_timp none
strings_and_other_soli none
# of vocal soli 1
edition details  
recording details  


concerten: c20, c21

partituur: 1164_12.pdf 1164_12.pri

musicxml: 1164_12_1.xml 1164_12_2.xml 1164_12_3.xml 1164_12_4.xml 1164_12_5.xml

midi: 1164_12_1.mid 1164_12_2.mid 1164_12_3.mid 1164_12_4.mid 1164_12_5.mid

tekst: unsre_losung_gott_mit_uns.pdf

audio: volledig (c21) (9'12")

video: volledig (c20) (8'45")


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